Deciding on a wedding photographer to capture your day is a daunting and very important task! I understand the importance of your wedding photographs; they are your lasting visual memories of one of the most important days of your life. They will be shown to family and friends, and when you look back over the years they should recall the pleasure, excitement and joy you experienced throughout that very important day. This, understandably, makes it difficult to choose a photographer, not least also because there are so many to choose from!
I believe that your photographs, as the lasting record of your wedding day, should actually document what happens, rather than force or contrive anything that isn’t organically happening. This means that your images will be natural, timeless and full of real emotion. I am an unobtrusive, relaxed photographer, and I aim to capture your day with this documentary approach in mind, to ensure that you receive the best, most creative and beautiful images possible! You will find me shooting as a wedding photographer in Leicestershire, Nottingham, Rutland and further afield throughout the year. My packages are tailored to suit your needs, which you can find more information about on the ‘Packages’ section.  But first, let me run through what you can typically expect from a wedding photography shoot:


Before the day:

Before you actually book me as your photographer we will arrange a consultation, either in person or over the phone depending upon your preference, to discuss your plans and tailor a package to suit your budget and needs. If you decide to go ahead and book in, you will then pay a 25% deposit and complete a ‘wedding agreement’ form to secure the date. The remaining balance is then due 2 weeks before the day, but don’t worry as I will be in touch before then to remind you and to run through all of the details of the day again with you.


On the day:

If you choose to include this time in your package, I can start the day by shooting images of the bride getting ready before the ceremony, whether this is at your house, your parents house, or at the wedding venue. Whilst some people aren’t instantly keen on the idea of having a photographer nosing on them whilst they get ready, this time can actually allow for lots of great photo opportunities, such as detail shots of your dress, shoes and jewelry, shots of you and your bridesmaids having a giggle and plenty more. I usually recommend allowing 30-40 minutes  for this. After this, I will make my way to the ceremony venue, (generally around 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start), and capture images of the groom (probably by now looking nervous..!), best man and ushers welcoming your guests. This time allows for lots of candid an atmospheric photographs, and also allows me to meet the registrar or vicar to have a quick chat to introduce myself, with plenty of time to also photograph you making your entrance for the ceremony. I will then shoot throughout the ceremony, (assuming that this is given the OK from the vicar or registrar), however I try to remain as discreet as possible at this special time, as having a photographer running around whilst you are trying to say your vows is not what you will want!! After the ceremony, I will leave you to mingle with your guests for a little while and generally acclimatize to the situations – you are now married! When you have had some time to relax a little, it is generally a good time to take some informal group shots, while everyone is still in the same place and not heading to the bar..! I try to keep all group photographs fairly relaxed and informal, as I find that this gives the best result in the final images. These shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes generally. Next, I find it is a lovely idea to whisk the bride and groom away for 10-15 minutes to take some images of the two of you alone. I will have scoped out the best locations at the venue to take these when I arrived, so I will hav a plan formulated by this point to ensure that we can capture some really gorgeous shots for you. I find that this time is really great for the couple also, as 10 minutes with just the two of you can make for a pleasant ‘breather’. When this 10 minute interval is finished, you can head straight back to enjoying your day without any more interruptions what-so-ever, as I will from then on be capturing candid shots. Depending upon how long your booking is, I will capture your guests enjoying the day, your speeches, cutting of the cake and then your first dance in all it’s splendor! I am a very relaxed photographer, so obviously if any of your plans differ from this loose guide, that is absolutely fine too and I can adapt and work with you accordingly. I have in the past photographed other types of wedding ceremony, such as Nikah ceremonies, celebrant ceremonies and more.


After the day:

I will then begin selecting and editing your images. I go through all of the shots and remove those with people’s eyes open or duplicates, which will leave me with a selection of the best images (generally around 50 images per hour spent shooting a the wedding). These images are then edited, cropped and generally spruced up to look top-notch. From here they are transferred on to a USB stick and then posted to you within 3-4 weeks. If you wanted to order photo-books you can do this after the day. I can create a mock-up version of the photo-book which you can view before ordering, giving you the option to tweak as you wish!