Fun, emotional wedding at Scalford Hall in Melton Mowbray – Andy and Michelle

I met Andy, who runs Aspect Studios in Loughborough, several years ago whilst I was working as part of the Google Business Photos project (which is super col by the way and you should check it out!). He got in touch again and asked me to photograph his marriage to Michelle at Scalford Hall, and the Melton Mowbray wedding turned out to be one of 2016’s favorites for me! I have photographed many weddings in the Melton Mowbray area and this was my second visit to Scalford Hall, so I was a happy wedding photographer to be asked back : )

My day of wedding photography in Melton started in the hotel area of Scalford Hall with Michelle and her bridesmaids getting ready. The final touches of hair and makeup was being applied by Laura of Victory Rolls Hair Parlour, who I can’t recommend highly enough (we have worked on several weddings together and she always does a gorgeous job!).

After this I sailed down the grand staircase and, feeling rather grand as these places do, found Andy mingling with his guests, looking slightly nervous and having his lapel flower attached. As a wedding photographer I love taking these candid photographs before the ceremony, as there as so many little moments of quiet emotion which can often go unnoticed.


The ceremony itself was emotional and beautiful. I’ll let the wedding photography speak for itself here!

Directly after the ceremony we traveled outside to enjoy the grounds of the hall. Here we took some photos of the wedding party and Michelle and Andy together. These wedding photography shots are some of my faves of 2016! I just left the newlyweds to chat away, stood back and carried on shooting, which hopefully allowed the couple to feel relaxed, giving the images a natural, intimate feel. I believe that the best wedding photographers know the importance of this, the ability to back off and give the photographed room to breathe.

After this we moved back inside and enjoyed speeches from the father of the Bride, Andy the Groom and Andy’s three best men. The third speech featured a HILARIOUS photo montage of embarrassing photographs of Andy throughout the ages, much to everyone’s amusement! All in all a really fun, relaxed day filled with love – the main components needed for a truly special day.


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