Top 15 wedding photography images of 2016!

Though for many 2016 was memorable as the year of Brexit and Donald Trump, for me it was a really creative year! In fact, 2016 was my busiest year yet as a Midlands based wedding photographer. This year, I photographed over 30 weddings, took hundreds of thousands of photographs, traveled to work throughout the Midlands and met countless lovely people! So, in no particular order, here is my round up of my favorite wedding photographs taken in 2016. Thank you to all of my lovely brides and grooms for helping to make my year such a creative one!

1. The Dress

This shot was taken at Charlotte and Tom’s wedding at Rushton Hall, a beautiful stately home in Northamptonshire. As the bridesmaids rushed around (time was running out and things were getting a little hectic!), I focused on Charlotte’s gorgeous dress as it basked in the light coming from the open window, the intricate lace picked out beautifully. The pleated folds of bed’s canopy seem to shine towards the dress also, giving it something of a holy aura.

2. Dance me to the End of Love..

This striking image was taken right at the end of the year, at Vida and Seko’s winter wedding in December (blog pot for this coming soon!). Seko is Samoan, and so the evening reception featured a traditional Samoan dance, performed by the bride, groom, best men, groomsmen, and bridemaids. This shot really captures the movement, party atmosphere and fun of it all, I love it!


3. Love Is In The Air

Taken at Brooksby Hall, Melton Mowbray, this image is one of my favorites taken at Nicola & Joe’s wedding back in June. I think what I like so much about this image, other than the rather obvious loveliness of the giant glowing LOVE sign, the is natural almost-embrace of the couple. I asked Nicola and Joe to stand at either side of the letters and walk to meet each other in the middle, and the result is just so subtly romantic. Also, they look so great together, what’s not to love?!

4. Wow Factor

I couldn’t resist another ‘The Dress’ shot, and this is just too pretty not to include. Jessica is racking up serios princess points in this shot, with her beautiful trailing gown flowing down the steps of the outdoor area of The Old Stables in Swithland. Super elegant.


5. Arriving in Style

Another from Jessica & Nathan’s wedding day at The Old Stables. The couple had just arrived at the venue after their ceremony at the church down the road, and the combination of those elegant horses and two winning smiles really makes this a memorable image.



6. The Groom’s Speech

Often a wedding speech will feature nostalgic recounting of memories, declarations of love, humor and thanks. This makes them very emotionally loaded, and therefore amazing opportunities for a wedding photographer to capture a huge range of emotions at a wedding. This particular photograph was taken at Simon and Becky’s wedding at Stapleford Park in July during Simon’s hilarious speech, which featured Becky’s favorite childhood toy wearing a pair of boxer shorts, among other things..! I love the juxtaposition of Becky’s hilarity and her son’s utter embarrassment. Brilliant.

7. Singing in the Rain

Hayley and Sean’s fun loving positive attitude was infectious. When the UK weather decided to live up to it’s reputation and rain all day during their wedding at the beginning of September, Hayley has come prepared with umbrellas and ventured outside anyway. In heels. My kinda girl. This photograph really conveys the nature of the lovely couple, who happily chatted away and amused themselves at the soggy photographer attempting to hold and umbrella with one hand and take photos with the other!

8. In the Twilight Hour

Lorna & Lee’s wedding took place early in 2017 at Halstead House, and I have to say that this is one of my very favorites of the whole year (proving that winter weddings have loads of potential photography-wise too!). I took this shot just before I left for the afternoon, and I love everything about it. The dewy twilight light is perfect, and the contrasting blue and orange work beautifully too. All combined with the gorgeous, cobbled, rustic charm of Halstead House too.

9. Here Come the Girls

Everybody loves a good giggle (or at least, I do), and this photograph epitomizes that completely! I can’t exactly remember what I’d said or asked the girls to do, but the range of different expressions on each of their faces really made this shot a keeper! Wedding photography doesn’t have to be serious, formal and regimented, as this shot definitely shows. Also, the beautiful

10. D.I.S.C.O

I love this shot! This image was taken at Jyo & Iker’s wedding reception (more later in this post), and I love the movement and fun atmosphere it captures.

11. Mood Lighting

This image is so evocative and moody, I like the way it captures beautiful bride Thameema having a moment of reflective calm before her large Asian wedding reception, and the beautiful detail of her wedding henna (Mehndhi), veil and jewelry are to die for.

12. Kiss Me Quick

Jyo and Iker were so much fun to photograph, I just left them to do their own thing whilst I snapped away a a little distance. Their love and intimacy really buzzes through this shot.

13. Ministry of Silly Walks

And now one of the boys. I don’t really know what to say about this one but should perhaps just leave the facial expressions to speak for themselves!

14. Floral Beauty

I couldn’t create this list without including a detail shot. This gorgeous bouquet was arranged by Carolann at CK Flowers, and I adore the way it constants with the gorgeous fairy lights in the background.

15. The Confetti Shot!

And finally, last but by no means least, one of my favorite confetti shots of the year. Becci & Kev’s wedding took place at St. Andrew’s church in the pretty little village of Foxton, near Market Harborough.


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