Woodhouse Eaves Wedding Photography, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

This is going to sound big headed, but I’ll say it any way: Sometimes I photograph a wedding, come to write up a blog post, and have so many images that I love that I can’t choose which ones to post… It isn’t actually big headed at all, because what actually makes the images are the wonderful moments that can happen at a wedding; the photographer just has to be able to seek them out and capture them artfully. This wedding photography assignment in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire, is one of them.

The wedding ceremony took place at the couple’s local church in Woodhouse Eaves, and after the lovely service, which included readings from friends and family; the couple sped off in a vintage MG, (much to the groom’s enjoyment), to their reception at Swithland Memorial Hall. The couple were welcomed by their guests in a truly novel fashion, documented in the images below, and everyone enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere with the newlyweds, accompanied with champagne, Pimms and croquet, (a unique and fun idea, I thought!), all set against the background music of an extraordinary string quartet, who played beautifully throughout the afternoon.

The day ended in truly spectacular fashion with a first dance like no other in the form of a tradition group barn dance, which included all of the bridal party and their spouses, and made for amazing photographs of wedding guests being spun and tossed, skipping and jumping throughout.  I managed to perch precariously on a chair and got some fab images of people doing their thang on the dance floor, and loved every minute.

The images below are the selection I have managed to pick out of hundreds, and show many special moments for the couple on their happy day; I hope that you enjoy looking through them as much as I do.


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